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Why should I hire a wedding planner for my destination wedding?

When hosting a destination wedding, we highly recommend that you hire wedding planners, as each country has their own rules and specificities. Through experience, wedding planners gain knowledge when it comes to their local vendors and suppliers, and therefore they know best whom to choose, to ensure that you only receive the best service at the best price.

Why should I hire Wedding Planner in Dubai?

A wedding planner is there to guide and assist you with your planning, make sure all of the details are taken care of on your wedding day so you can relax and enjoy the process.

Your venue’s coordinator is there to manage the venue on your wedding day.

They are basically there to show you where the dimmers are and assist with anything specifically venue maintenance related.

Though some may provide you with some minor assistance, such as a list of vendor names or setting up your wedding favors, they don’t provide planning services.

A planner can assist you with finding vendors that fit your style and budget, creating a budget, proper etiquette, wedding design, making decisions, finding rooms and arranging transportation for out of town guests, and taking care of unexpected things on your wedding day, like steaming the bridesmaids dresses, directing vendors and so much more.

The bottom line is that an independent wedding planner is there for you and will watch out for your best interests. And the event coordinator that is provided to you with the venue is really there to protect the best interests of the venue.

Having a Wedding planner now is not a luxury for you, as the process is being very hectic and normally towards the day of the wedding things get out of control.

And it is really hard for the bride and groom to have all the details of the wedding under control.

Normally if you have a good wedding planner they will be able to make the whole process fun for you.

Instead of being stressed because of deadlines and vendors not being able to deliver on time and any mistakes that may happen.

Your wedding planner will be able to take care of all of this on your behalf and you will just be able to relax and enjoy the process.

So, after all, having a wedding planner in Dubai, especially a place like Dubai will be really helpful to make sure you can control your budget and get all that you are asking for on time.

The Venue has a coordinator; do I need a wedding planner?

We love venue coordinators; we really do!  They can be so wonderful and they’re very knowledgeable about their venue.  They can tell you all the best practices at their site and everything the venue and their staff can do for you.  Venue coordinators may be responsible for everything at the venue, from renting out the venue to food and beverage sales and being present on the wedding day.  Or….they may do the venue sales role and be responsible for turning on and off the lights on the wedding day….and that’s it!

So what does a venue coordinator do?  First and foremost, they work for the venue, not the bride.  His/her job is to look out for the best interest of the venue.  Of course they want a happy bride, but they don’t have time to be with her throughout the whole day.  They have to make sure the venue needs and responsibilities are taken care of.  This could include managing an entire catering staff in addition to the unique requirements of their building.  Wedding and event venues have historically high turnover.  Therefore, that person who sold you the space, may not be there by the time your wedding day arrives.  The last point I want to note is that a venue typically has at least one wedding per weekend.  That venue coordinator is likely managing 50-100 events for the venue throughout the year.

We’ve established who the venue coordinator works for, but let’s talk about who an independent planner works for.  It’s YOU, the bride!  We are not locked into one venue or even a group of venues.  We work everywhere and therefore, we keep our client’s needs and desires as priority.  We work hand-in-hand with the venue coordinator and the rest of your vendors as the team lead.  We are with you throughout the day to execute the day to YOUR wishes and to make sure YOU are taken care of.  We have no other priorities besides the plans you and I make together.

What wedding planning services do you offer?

  • Budget Management For Your Wedding : Planning and monitoring the budget related to weddings and events to execute your special day with no holds barred
  • Vendor Management: Vendor referrals, attending vendor meetings and coordinating and managing deliverables right up to overseeing the execution of vendor services on the event date
  • Wedding Invites: Assisting in the design and coordination of every aspect of wedding-related print material in keeping with the event theme
  • Wedding Venues & Locations: Suggesting wedding and event venues, and location visits based on the client’s theme, budget and requirement
  • Wedding Menu Planning: Food and beverage consulting and coordinating right up to offering menu design, styling, and managing the bar
  • Design & Decor: Conceptualising, designing and coordinating all aspects of wedding design and décor, including lighting, floral set-ups and execution of themes, after understanding your vision
  • Wedding Photography:Arranging wedding photography specialists for every wedding-related event, pre-wedding shoot, engagement shoot and bridal photo shoot, in keeping with your vision and budget
  • Wedding Videography / Cinematography: Arranging wedding videography specialists across a diverse set of styles including traditional, documentary, quirky and Bollywood, in keeping with your vision and budget
  • Traditional Indian Wedding Ceremonies: Making arrangements for the actual wedding ceremony and every wedding-related event, including but not limited to the Mehendi ceremony, Haldi, Mandvo, Griha,Shanti, Baraat, community-specific priests and arrangements
  • Entertainment: Referring and coordinating a range of options relating to entertainment at the wedding and related functions, including live acts, live music, DJs, VJs, celebrity appearances, performers, dancers, artists, pyrotechnic shows, audio requirements, lighting design & special effects design
  • Event Timeline: Ideating, proposing and designing timelines and production schedules complete with detailed itineraries and checklists for every event
  • On The Day Co-Ordination: Coordinating all aspects of décor, sound and light checks, transport, parking, welcoming guests, F&B management, and every other area that requires coordination for the smooth execution of the event
  • Proposal Planning: Assisting with ideating and coordinating a concept unlike any other to create the perfect setting to pop the question
  • Pre-Wedding Photography: Arranging for your pre-wedding photography shoot — be it on an exotic beach, on the romantic streets of Paris, or even in Rajasthan. We arrange for everything from a professional photography team, travel, accommodation, styling, and more.
  • Pre-Wedding Planning Services: Working together with the couple and families to plan and coordinate personal training services, spa and facial therapies, grooming and etiquette sessions. Our services also include planning all pre-wedding events like bridal showers, bachelor and hen parties.
  • Out Of Town Wedding Guests: Making arrangements for travel and hotel bookings, airport pickups, managing RSVPs, assisting with guest check-ins, hospitality desks and curated tours for your guests to experience the culture, nightlife and shopping of the wedding destination
  • Luxury Destination Weddings: Coordination and execution of destination weddings in India and across the world, right from ideating on destinations and making travel and accommodation arrangements, to planning the event down to the last detail
  • Choreography: Suggesting and booking choreographers for dance performances including your sangeet, special first dance, and planning locations for rehearsals
  • Favors & Gifts: Ideating, sourcing and packaging themed giveaways or favours, event-related giveaways, gifts for Mehendi ceremony, and welcome hampers for guests

What additional event services do you offer?



Kids Parties

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Kids Brunch Entertainment

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